PLEASE NOTE: NASW-WI wishes to have competitive elections with at least two candidates for each open position. If you would like to be considered for a position listed below with one or no candidates, please contact Emily Kenney at or Marc Herstand at the NASW-WI office at 608-257-6334 or mherstand.naswwi@socialworkers.orgThe preliminary election slate for Officers and Regional Representatives are posted below by the Chair of the CCNLI.


  • Kim Howard
  • Marc Seidl

Southeast/Racine Kenosha branch

  • Jazette Anderson

West Central/North Central/Northeast Branch

  • Allysia Khendek
  • Heidi Pritzl

BSW Student Representative

  • Kelly Froemke
  • Kayla Howell
  • Lydia Medina

MSW Student Representative

  • Savannah Bezotte
  • Winnie Chastek
  • Raymond Kennedy
  • Si’Errah Murphy
  • Rosemary Pechous
  • Lillianna Petsch-Horvath
  • Charlee Vrtjak
  • Abbe Bivian
Chapter bylaws require the announcement of a preliminary slate so all members have an opportunity to nominate candidates.  The slate is subject to change by petition.  THE PETITION PROCESS:  The petition process allows members to add their name to the slate by submitting a petition to the Chair of the CCLNI within 30 days of the announcement.  For a statewide petition, the petition must include signatures from at least 5% of the total number of Chapter members.  Of that total, 5% must come from each of a majority of regions in the Chapter.  For a Branch position, the petition must include signatures representing 5% of the total number of members listed in that region.  The CCLNI Chair, must verify that petition signers are members of the Association, the Chapter, and in the case of Branch positions, the appropriate branch.  The Chair of the CCLNI must verify that the petition contains the number of eligible signatures required for the specific position for which it has been submitted.  The deadline for petitions to be received in the Chapter office is April 14th, 2023.  For more information about this process or if you have any other questions, please contact the NASW-WI NLI Chair, Emily Kenney, at