Support the recall elections!

Are you concerned about the drastic cuts in public education, transportation, health care for the poor, and other programs for the poor and middle class in the recently passed state budget?  Are you concerned about one party rule in Madison?  Are you concerned about attempts to disenfranchise minority, disabled, and elderly voters through the Voter ID bill?  Are you concerned about the attempts to eliminate public employee unions, which among other groups, represent social workers?  Are you concerned about the passage of a conceal carry bill, that could allow individuals to carry concealed guns in agencies providing mental health and social services?   If so, now is the time to get involved in the recall elections!   For more information about Wisconsin Social Workers PAC’s endorsements and how you can get involved, call the NASW WI office toll-free at 866-462-7994 or 608-257-6334 and ask for Marc.