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WEBINAR: Psychedelics in Psychotherapy: Focusing on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

January 17th, 2024 Noon - 1PM CST

Presented by Nicole V. Zellner, LCSW, SAC 

Nicole Zellner

Ketamine has emerged over recent years as the only legal “psychedelic” treatment option at this time.  As such, a “wild west” of treatment centers around the country, with variable models of treatment and outcomes have emerged.  News outlets have reported on big name ketamine companies while local clinics continue to pop up, peaking client’s interest. Learn the nuts and bolts of what ketamine is and how it became a player in the mental health treatment scene.  We will discuss the numerous models, routes of administration and treatment philosophies as well as clinical research of the pros and cons of this treatment option.  We will focus on the role of the therapist and what preparation and integration is in ketamine assisted psychotherapy.  We will also explore ketamine in Wisconsin and the options, appropriateness, and accessibility of this treatment on a local level.  A brief overview of additional psychedelic medicines currently being researched for mental health treatment will also be provided.


  • Provide update of the current state of research involving MDMA and psilocybin as mental health treatment options
  • Discuss history of ketamine and clinical research in ketamine as a mental health treatment
  • Explain various uses, approaches, potential risks and benefits to using ketamine in mental health treatment


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