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E&B WEBINAR: Ethics and Boundaries for In-Home Services

June 7th, 2024 9AM - 1PM

NASWWI Chapter 0 517 Article rating: 4.0

Presented by Jeanne Wagner, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

Jeanne Wagner
Statement of Rationale:
The management of ethics, boundaries and confidentiality is especially challenging for human service professionals who provide services in the client’s living environment including the client’s home, residential programs, emergency shelters, transitional living centers, skilled care facilities, assisted and supported living centers, and Hospice facilities. This workshop will address the unique issues encountered during the provision of these in-home services and will provide a framework for ethical decision-making. 
Learning Goals:
Participants will learn:

  • new ways to address boundary issues 
  • how to avoid the potential for dual-relationships
  • ethical decision-making processes and best practice models to identify and address complicated scenarios in programs providing in-home services.
  • to identify the range of ethical dilemmas and professional boundaries with the use of technology and social media 
  • models for the ethical decision making process
  • identify new age risks that may affect professional liability
  • the importance of using the NASW Ethics audit in programs that cover both client services and personnel management  


Member - $85
Member - Student or Retired - $65
Non-Member - $115

E&B WEBINAR: Ethics and Boundaries: When Culture Affects Decision Making

April 12, 2024, 9 AM - 1 PM

NASWWI Chapter 0 697 Article rating: 4.5

Presented by Sheng Lee Yang, MSW, LCSW

Sheng Lee Yang

This course examines how one’s culture impacts decision making in various treatment settings. Providers are constantly faced with ethical choices resulting in ambiguous outcomes and difficult decisions that may be morally confusing. Understanding cultural concepts enables providers to bridge the difference between themselves and diverse populations. Participants will acquire a better understanding of the ethical decision-making process when cross-cultural conflicts occur while addressing implications of unconscious biases.  The workshop will address these issues through a combination of interactive dialogue, focused discussion, and applied-practice exercises.


Member - $85
Member - Student or Retired - $65
Non-Member - $115

WEBINAR: Did They Just Say That? Managing Microaggressions in Everyday Life!

February 29th, 2024 Noon - 1 PM CST

NASWWI Chapter 0 557 Article rating: 5.0

Brian Benford
Presented by Brian Benford, MSW

We’ve all been in situations when someone says or does something that feels hostile or offensive to some aspect of our identity — and the person doesn’t even realize it. These kinds of actions — insensitive statements, questions, or assumptions — are called “microaggressions,” and they can target many aspects of who we are.  Collectively, we will learn how to cope and heal from microaggressions and to prevent being a perpetrator of committing microaggressions.  
Learning Objectives 1. Create awareness surrounding the common occurrences of microaggresions. 2. Explore the outcomes associated with the experience of microaggressions. 3. Discover techniques to minimize the occurrence of microaggressions and ways to respond when someone has been microaggressive.


Member - $25
Member - Student or Retired - $20
Non-Member - $35


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