Member Services


NASW WI provides individual assistance to its members on a variety of concerns. Some of these include: 1) Answering questions on certification and licensure; 2) Answering questions on continuing education requirements; 3) Assisting members with problems with the processing of their certification or licensure application at the Department of Safety and Professional Services; 4) Ethical and practice consultations; 5) Information on Wisconsin legislation; 6) Referrals for legal consultations; and 7) Referrals for assistance on subpoenas and other legal issues.

For assistance on these issues call NASW WI during regular business hours between 9:00 and 5:00 PM Monday-Friday or send an email to


  • NASW-WI has organized fifteen Winter Webinars and four Ethics and Boundaries workshops for the months of January and February 2023 to help social workers complete their required 30 hours of continuing education prior to February 28th.
  • NASW-WI put out a statement in response to the mass shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs
  • NASW-WI implemented its second hybrid annual conference on October 19-21, 2022. Over 600 social workers attended the conference either in person or virtually.
  • NASW-WI organized a free exam preparation workshop for members on December 13th, 2022.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand testified at the Legislative Study Committee on Occupational Licenses on November 15th, stressing the need for the Wisconsin State Legislature to allow the Department of Safety and Professional Services to hire the staff they need to reduce the inordinate current wait time for licensing processing.
  • On November 1, NASW-WI organized a Town Hall Meeting on the racial disparities in the ASWB exam. Approximately fifty social workers attended this Town Hall meeting. Feed-back from the Town Hall Meeting will be presented to the NASW WI Board of Directors at their meeting in December.
  • NASW-WI completed its year-long leadership training program for seven BIPOC social work students. Recruitment is taking place for the 2023 student cohort
  • Once the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision was announced, NASW WI put together a Reproductive Rights section of the NASW WI website which includes information about how and where to obtain an abortion outside of Wisconsin and how to access “Plan C” or medication abortion.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand wrote a statement entitled, “OVERTURNING ROE V. WADE, WHAT WILL IT MEAN FOR SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IN WISCONSIN IN TERMS OF ABORTION REFERRAL?,” to help Wisconsin social workers navigate the new ethical and legal landscape regarding reproductive rights in Wisconsin.
  • In an attempt to educate and mobilize social work students and NASW WI members statewide regarding the importance of the 2022 elections, NASW WI has hired two political organizers. The organizers have put together campus specific Fact Sheets on voting, student ID, absentee voting and voter registration for every social work program in Wisconsin.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand is presenting hour long programs to social work programs statewide on the policy differences between Governor Tony Evers and Tim Michels and Senator Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes. The political organizers are making presentations statewide on the mechanics of voting for social work students.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand has counseled an average of one member per week on how to advance their licensing application, given the enormous understaffing at the Department of Safety and Professional Services.
  • NASW WI is setting up a fund for diverse NASW WI student leaders that can help them develop leadership skills and networking contacts as they enter their professional social work career.
  • NASW-WI published statements on the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand helped facilitate a retreat for the statewide Raise the Age Coalition, which is working to pass legislation in the 2023-2023 legislative session to transfer 17-year-olds from the adult to the juvenile court system.
  • NASW-WI developed a section on our website promoting Covid-19 vaccine confidence among social workers and equipping social workers to support clients in vaccine decision making. This webpage includes an analysis of barriers faced by special populations in Wisconsin and trainings and resources for social workers to promote Covid-19 vaccine confidence.
  • NASW-WI planned and is currently implementing eleven winter webinars, four ethics workshops and a BSW/MSW Exam preparation workshop during the first six months of 2022.
  • NASW-WI successfully lobbied Governor Evers to veto the Complementary and Alternative Health Care bill, which would have allowed these CAHC providers to provide psychotherapy.
  • NASW-WI facilitated the passage of a bill in the Wisconsin State Legislature that will allow Certified Advanced Practice Social Workers to provide AODA counseling without additional credentialing.
  • NASW-WI has organized a free continuing education program on Tuesday March 29th presented by Madison Alder and NASW WI Board Member Brian Benford on the topic of “Confronting Systematic Racism Through Healing and Honest Reflection: City of Madison’s Truth and Reconciliation Process” Pre-registration is required.
  • NASW-WI has organized a free tour of the newly opened American’s Black Holocaust Museum and a free continuing education presentation by Reggie Jackson with Nurturing Diversity Partners on the topic of “Building Racial Understanding” on Thursday March 24th. Pre-registration is required.
  • NASW-WI wrote a statement on the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, which was sent to local media.
  • NASW-WI sent written testimony in opposition to the Republican redistricting bill to members of a Senate and Assembly Committee reviewing the bill.
  • NASW-WI wrote and distributed a press release in support of two gun violence prevention bills unveiled at a press conference convened by Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and State Senator Melissa Agard.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand organized and testified against legislative proposals that would try to stop or censor anti-racism and anti-sexism education and training in Wisconsin public schools, public universities and state and local government.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand testified and lobbied on behalf of a bill that would require insurance companies to cover tele-mental health at parity and continue coverage for phone therapy.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand met with a Department of Safety and Profession-al Services (DSPS) Executive and with staff of Governor Tony Evers to address the problem of timeliness of the processing of certification and licensure applications at DSPS.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand testified at two separate hearings in opposition to bills that would prevent Transgender girls from participating in sports, based on their gender identity in K-12 and at the college level. Marc has also participated in weekly strategy sessions and lobby visits on this issue.
  • NASW-WI organized and implemented a virtual Advocacy Day on April 14th at which social work students and practitioners from throughout Wisconsin met with their State Senators and State Representatives or staff following a morning of training on NASW WI’s five priority issues. These issues were 1) State Budget; 2) Banning Conversion Therapy 3) Child Victim’s Act; 4) Requiring insurance companies to reimburse for tele-mental health and 5) Police reform. Lieu-tenant Governor Mandela Barnes presented the keynote address
  • NASW-WI organized visits with Republican legislators regarding a bill to ban Conversion Therapy. NASW-WI also mobilized members who were key constituents of these Republican legislators.
  • NASW-WI requested that the Examining Board of Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors and Social Workers adopt a “Guidance Document” that would indicate to its licensed holders that they consider Conversion Therapy to be unprofessional conduct. This document was approved by the Examining Board and can be found on their website.
  • NASW-WI advocated with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to include social workers and child welfare workers as priority groups for the Covid-19 vaccine. DHS did include these two groups in the 1-A priority list for the vaccine.
  • NASW-WI reconvened statewide coalitions to ban Conversion Therapy and pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag legislation) in January and February 2021.
  • NASW-WI Executive Director Marc Herstand has been participating in an NASW chapter/national Racial Justice Workgroup since June, 2020. The group has been discussing how the NASW national office and its 55 chapters can work to fight racism and promote racial equity in our country. As part of this effort Herstand is organized a training session for chapter Executive Directors on national and state legislation that reforms policing through expanded use of social workers and other mental health professionals in non-violent crisis situations. NASW-WI published statements on the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.