Internships Currently Available

Are you interested in an internship with a focus on legislative advocacy and macro social work? Are you well organized, do you have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a passion for politics? Do you have experience in organizing events, marketing and outreach? The NASW WI Chapter could provide an excellent internship experience for you!


  • Assist in staffing NASW WI’s Legislative/Social Policy Committee, Professional Standards & Regulation Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Diversity Task Force, Wisconsin Social Workers PAC and other committees and Task Forces as needed
  • Assist in the implementation of the 2021 annual conference, including the preparation of a job board for the conference.
  • Assist in research for speakers for the 2022 annual conference.
  • Attend meetings of statewide coalitions on NASW WI priority issues, including the Council on Mental Health Legislative Policy Committee
  • Assist in efforts to recruit and retain members, including younger members and members of color.
  • Research bills of interest to NASW WI’s Legislative/Social Policy committee and present information to committee members
  • Regularly update legislative grid for website, newsletter and committee members
  • Monitor progress of NASW WI priority bills in Wisconsin legislature.
  • Mobilize NASW WI members on behalf of NASW WI priority legislation and rules.
  • Develop written testimony, position papers or letters to key legislators on NASW WI priority legislation as needed.
  • Attend State Senate and Assembly committee hearings and floor sessions of interest to NASW WI
  • Put together NASW WI legislative “report card” on State Senators and Representatives running for re-election.
  • Prepare and email questionnaire for legislative candidates
  • Answer phones and respond to member inquiries as appropriate
  • Research, develop and promote Fact Sheets on the social work profession
  • Attend meetings of the Social Workers Section and Examining Board along with the Executive Director
  • Maintain and expand NASW WI’s job listing service for members
  • Assist in grant writing, program development and/or implementation of the social work training program.
  • Post on NASW WI Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-in accounts
  • Call NASW WI student and transition members
  • Call NASW WI members whose membership is up for renewal
  • Contact and welcome new NASW WI members on a monthly basis
  • Expand and update the student section of the website
  • Support the NASW WI Student Ambassador program

General Intern Responsibilities

  1. Assist the NASW WI’s Legislative/Social Policy Committee and Wisconsin Social Workers PAC
  2. Assist the NASW WI Legislative/Social Policy Committee in understanding critical issues in the legislation through research.
  3. Help formulate and participate in NASW advocacy and policy efforts including writing action alerts, creating grassroots strategy, and visiting congressional and executive branch contacts.
  4. Contact NASW WI “sister” organizations and sympathetic legislators regarding potential key issues in the 2019-2020 legislative session.
  5. Attend meetings of statewide coalitions on NASW WI priority issues.
  6. Write articles for the NASW WI’s online newsletter.
  7. Research keynote speakers for Winter Webinars
  8. Tabulate evaluations of keynote speakers
  9. Help market NASW WI.