2021 Continuing Education Offerings

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NASWWI Chapter
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NOON HOUR WEBINAR: Veterinary Social Work: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond & Bolstering Staff Wellness

Presented by Taylor St. Onge, MSW, APSW

Veterinary Social Work (VSW) is a relatively new and actively growing field within social work. The root of the practice is to honor and tend to the human needs that arise within the complex relationship between humans and animals.  In this lecture, we will discuss the conception of VSW practice, what current VSW practice looks like within animal hospitals, the future for VSW across the globe, and how to become a VSW.  Learning objectives of this lecture will include: the ability to describe what VSWs do for their community; a deeper understanding on the importance of honoring the human-animal bond; and an adeptness in discerning the numerous mental and emotional challenges that veterinary professionals face in their every-day job, and why social workers are vital in bolstering their wellness.



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