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E&B WEBINAR: Ethics, Boundaries, and Technology in a Post-Covid World

May 22nd, 2024, 9 AM - 1 PM CST

Presented by Debra Minsky-Kelly, MSW, LCSW
Debra Minsky Kelly

Workshop summary: The effects of technology on social work practice since the onset of the pandemic have been enormous. Out of necessity, many providers rushed to adopt technology-assisted practices in an effort to continue to provide care to those in need. What have we learned from these practice changes? Are the 2018 changes to the Social Work Code of Ethics adequate to address modern practice challenges? This workshop will explore these critical questions and will also examine some of the specific boundary-related issues that arise in technology-assisted practice. In addition, as the evidence mounts regarding the harmful effects of technology on mental health, relationships, and community wellbeing, we will ask critical questions regarding the role of our profession in addressing these concerns.

Learning objectives:
After participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize generational differences in our experiences with technology
  • Reflect on technologyrelated changes to the NASW Code of Ethics that went into effect 2018 and consider these in light of practice changes since the pandemic
  • Recognize the unique boundaryrelated practice considerations necessary in technology-assisted service delivery models
  • Examine what we have learned from the rapid expansion of technologyassisted therapies since the pandemic toward the goal of adopting best practices
  • Identify and define ethical concepts and decision making models and how these can be applied to technologyassisted service delivery
  • Apply ethical decision making models to practice dilemmas, with special emphasis on how technology may complicate aspects of SWK practice
  • Integrate our knowledge of the harmful effects of technology into our work with individuals, families, and communities and consider how this affects our practice
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