2021 Continuing Education Offerings

NOON HOUR WEBINAR: The "Invisible Gorilla" in Social Work Ethics: Recognizing and Addressing Ethical Challenges

Presented Frederic G. Reamer, PhD

NASWWI Chapter 0 739

Social workers encounter complex ethics challenges throughout their careers. Common dilemmas concern the limits of clients' confidentiality rights; complex boundary issues and dual relationships; conflicts of interest; technology use when serving clients; documentation decisions; and termination of services, among others. Dr. Frederic Reamer will draw on pioneering research—known as The Invisible Gorilla research agenda--demonstrating the likelihood that even the most thoughtful practitioners may fail to recognize compelling challenges they encounter. Dr. Reamer will facilitate discussion of common ethical dilemmas in social work; ethical decision-making protocols; and practical strategies designed to protect clients and practitioners.



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