Special Populations-American Indian Communities

American Indian communities have the highest rate of COVID related deaths in Wisconsin [ 1]. Generally, American Indians are challenged with lower life expectancies due to disparities in education and income, as well as high rates of heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lower respiratory disease [ 2]. American Indian communities’ access to healthcare is negatively impacted by many factors, including lack of insurance, limited local healthcare services, and discrimination [ 3]. Inflated rates of infection and death within this population reflect generational inequity and trauma that have perpetuated health and socioeconomic disparities and, further, may also be associated with limited access to transportation and running water as well as increased household sizes [ 4].

WI American Indian Vaccination Rates

Source: Wisconsin COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates by Race and Ethnicity
Wisconsin Department of Health Services. (2022, April 14). COVID-19: Racial and ethnic disparities. Retrieved May 2, 2022, from https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/disparities.htm#disparities



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