Special Populations-Hmong Communities

Hmong Communities occur resistance when accessing our healthcare system caused by variables such as advanced age, language barriers, religious beliefs, as well as differential cultural and medical beliefs, practices, and treatments, [ 1][2]. Additionally, many Hmong Americans hold a general mistrust of the Western healthcare system [ 3]. As research shows, Hmong populations are less likely to pursue treatment for chronic disease than other Asian Americans, and are also less likely to adhere to prescribed medications over herbal treatments [ 2] putting them at greater risk for severe COVID-related illnesses. Furthermore, Hmong in the United States are challenged by various socioeconomic disadvantages such as low levels of educational attainment and job stability, as well as high levels of poverty; of which precipitates structural barriers such as limited transportation and low levels of health insured individuals [ 3][4].


Source: Wisconsin Hmong Population by County
Wisconsin Watch (2022, April 13). ). How did Hmong people find their way to Wisconsin? The answer has roots in America's Secret War.. PBS Wisconsin. https://pbswisconsin.org/news-item/how-did-hmong-people-find-their-way-to-wisconsin-the-answer-has-roots-in-americas-secret-war/



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